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Importance and Role of Education in Sikhism

Education is not only a necessity but a right of every person, not only children. Literacy is the key to solving all problems. A person sans education is like a lock without a key. The importance of education is to tap and discover the talents one has not yet been able to encounter. Even though education is free under the public sectors in India, however, there have been times where it was unable to encompass every corner of this vast nation. Other times, the loopholes in the system were not taken care of because of which the students had to suffer. India is still struggling with illiteracy and dropouts. There are many communities and NGOs that have been establishing educational institutions and goals to eradicate illiteracy from the grassroots level. Apart from these civil organizations, the Sikh community has a knack for community and social service since time immemorial. They have been always giving back to society in every way possible. Be it feeding the needy, empowering women, employing, and training the youth, or distributing the gift of education to society. It is a well-coordinated and close-knit brotherhood that works for not only their people but everyone possible. They are always engaged in uplifting the downtrodden and needy when it comes to their people; they aim at spreading the knowledge, significance, and idea of we-feeling by virtues gained from their community. This is one of the reasons why they are stressing the role of education in Sikhism- to spread knowledge, awareness, and set an example for the virtues of learning.

Sikhs are known for their hardworking nature but as we know the grass is not greener on every side because of which luck and wealth are unevenly distributed. To curb this problem, some Sikhs have joined hands to fulfill the dreams of those families by providing for their children’s educational facilities. It is said- to set an example is more important than giving your opinion.


Therefore, this article elucidates the idea and vision behind the role of education in Sikhism but also the need for this noble cause.


  • Uplifting the Underprivileged:


It is said that uplifting and helping the less privileged sections of the society is the duty of the privileged and the influential but how many remain true to this ideology. The Sikh community has always been the flag barrier of social service and they have always made sure that no one should sleep empty stomach, at least not in their periphery. The step they have taken to provide free education to unprivileged Sikhs is a commendable one. Not only they are exempted from tuition fees, but they are provided free books and coaching.


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  • Spreading Positivity: 


The community members aim at spreading equality and harmony among their people. This promotes positivity and good vibes that in turn motivates people to indulge in more welfare activities. Very often do we find people who help others not promote themselves or to establish a social status in the society but to genuinely support people the benefits and rights they deserve.


  • Setting an Example: 


The prime motive of the community members is to set an example and spread awareness among the citizens of the nation that pure efforts to serve the people can never go wrong. They also want to convey that education is the ultimate key to nationwide growth and development and only wealth that can come in handy any time.


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  • Importance of Education: 


The way the community is constantly helping the people and establishing Vidya Kendra, they are imposing and emphasizing the fact that how important and education is for the survival and growth of a society. The more the number of educated people, the more is lesser is the rate of unemployment and poverty.


  • Skill Enhancement: 


It is a known fact that skill and literacy are two similar but different things. However, to even identify a skill, one must use their presence of mind and wisdom to identify and develop this skill. Although this community constitutes the largest number of agriculturists, the education standards have become negligent for quite some time. After being alarmed at this fact, the community gathered to curb this problem immediately.


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  • All-round Education: 


When we speak about education, we not only aim at the academic syllabus but a knack at being multi-talented and this community aims at the very thing. Boys and Girls who were deprived of this facility can now make use of these facilities and indulge in extra-curricular activities as well.


  • Removing the Class Difference: 


The difference induced via economic inequalities has always prevailed and the solution to this can be introduced by educating all in a way that these differences can ease up to a maximum level.


Sometimes people should indulge themselves in community and social services not because they want to, or they cannot see others in pain, but the feeling of empathy and that the person also deserves to be equally happy and content as you. The emotion of empathy is found among very few people but certain communities like the Sikhs have proven to make it possible thereby inducing the role of education in Sikhism as a vital process and important step for progress.

Guru Granth Sahib Vidya Kender works with a vision to raise every child to be an exemplary Gursikh, living a purposeful, active and dynamic life based on Honest Earning, Service (Sewa), Truthfulness, Meditation and good deeds.