Gatka Training

To inculcate the spirit of bravery and fitness, Gatka, a Sikh martial art, is imparted to students by a trained instructor.

It involves pattern of footwork coupled with defensive skills and focuses on spirit, mind and body. The present form of Gatka is performed & played in two sub-styles called Rasmi (traditional) and Khel (sport) respectively in the Northern India since 1920.

Regular Gatka Pradarshanees are and skills of students are showcased in various Nagar Kirtans.

vidya kender, free residential and educational institution for needy children, free education for unprivileged sikhs

Cricket Coaching

The Campus has a facility for field and net practice and regular coaching is provided by a professional coach. The cricket team regularly competes with leading private schools in Delhi and Punjab and is the recipient of many trophies.