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Why Free Education for Kids is Imperative

Literacy is an essential and mandatory skill to learn and inherit. It is not only the pathway to knowledge but also an important key to survival. The importance of this essential lifesaver is acknowledged by very few people because it becomes a challenging task to propagate the idea. The education scenario in India has a fluctuating condition- in some states, the literacy rates are very favorable whereas in some areas it is yet to be recognized as an important factor. School dropouts, lack of female students in the school are some of the major concerning issues that are creating roadblocks in making India a literate country. Free education for kids sometimes sounds too real to be true in a nation where the benefits are exhausted to the seams.

Major constraints being financial crisis, educational institutions being located far away from the human settlement, weak and uneven transport, and communication system. It is a very vexing condition to see children succumb to these reasons and refrain from getting the quality education they dream of. Let alone getting a quality education, lack of teachers also sometimes makes the dream shatter as the teachers posted in these areas deny their posting finding it unbearable to commute and maintain their social life. The government fails to reach these remote areas due to less connectivity. The middlemen take advantage of these loopholes in the system thereby making the kids’ future a puppet show. Not getting much into the political debate- certain civil societies and bodies have joined and connected with the population of these remote areas and working day in and day out to fulfill the dreams of the children. One such community that has been working towards this noble cause is the Sikh community.

The Sikh Community has always been indulged in social service so much so that it has become a brand name in the vast sector of social service activities. They have always helped the world in crisis, be it war, natural calamities, terror attacks, accidents- they have always lent their hearty and warm supports to the best of their interests. So, it is not a surprise that once again this community has come forward to curb the biggest global issue i.e., illiteracy. They are providing free education for unprivileged Sikhs.


There are several reasons to provide free education for kids, to name a few in support of this article is jotted down below:


  • Growth in Literacy Rate: 


Growth in Literacy Rate, free education for kids


This is one of the obvious reasons, there is nothing to predict about it. However, the main idea behind is to find the gems who can make wonders in the field of academic, science, art, technology, and commerce. Some of the hidden gems are among the ones who do not find or get the ray of hope very late. This educational scheme initiated by the Sikh community will act as the light at the end of the tunnel bringing hopes and smiles to many faces.


  • Reducing Poverty and Unemployment: 


Reducing Poverty and Unemployment


Financial constraints being one of the major reasons and setbacks for many children from pursuing education after a certain grade. These kids when sponsored by a free education scheme can not only reduce poverty and unemployment but can provide the best brains and ideas to the nation’s drooping knowledge scenario.


  • Business and Commerce: 


Business and Commerce


Even though this is a noble act, it still is relevantly visible that this idea can bring forth healthy market competition among civil society organizations. The race of who can do the best is still a norm. In this race of being the best, the unprivileged are the ones that are going to benefit from the best.


  • Encouraging Female Literacy: 


Encouraging Female Literacy, free education for kids


Once again, the major reason for female illiteracy was financial constraints. Indian parents are compelled to save up for their daughter’s marriage due to societal pressure rather than actually saving up for her education. It is not the parents who are to be blamed but rather the adamant and rigid social evils that are to be blamed. These events are rooted in society and will take time to be uprooted. If this idea of free education is lessening the burden of the parents- then why not!


Visit: Sikh Humanitarian Society for Girls


No matter how hard one may try, it is not an easy task to pull a free educational scheme managed single-handed by one community. Nevertheless, this colossal task of providing free education for kids will not only encourage the students to explore academically but will help India to emerge as the best in academics.


Sri Guru granth sahib vidya kender is a free residential and educational institution to educate unpriviledged sikhs.