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Role of Divinity in Sikhism and Modern World

Divinity can be defined as “The Study of Religion”. It is a way to learn more about religion, its practices, its teachings with its history and present significance in the world. Divinity is also described as anything coming from the supreme lord, something divine. But, more commonly it is studying religion or doing a comparative study of different religions. The role of divinity in one’s life is important to gain insightful knowledge of religion by learning, understanding, and practicing.

The main motive to study religious ways is either to dive Deep inside the religious practices for gaining personal spirituality or to learn more about the different religions, to find similarities and differences among multiple religious practices.


How Divinity in Sikhism Started? 


Sikhism is a religion which was originated in India, and the study of Sikh scriptures amongst European scholars started in the late 19th century. This allowed the scholars to translate and understand “SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB” and learn the ways practiced by Sikhs to gain spirituality insightfully. “Sri Guru Granth sahib”, the Holy eleventh Guru of Sikh religion in form of written scripture, was first translated into English by Sardar Gopal Singh and the translated document was published in 1960.

This has helped people understand Sikhism worldwide, in different languages. This also helped indigenous Sikh people from India who were practicing Sikhism, to learn about their religion from a different perspective. This revolutionized the idea of introducing Divinity as an optional spiritual subject in school education for making teenagers learn about religion and practice the fundamentals of Sikhism from an early age.

Spreading the preaching of Holy Sri Guru Granth sahib is important and a crucial lifestyle objective of Sikhs to learn and spread the learnings, for others can also benefit within this life and life beyond death. This objective could only be achieved with correct management and knowledge distribution among youth which is the foundation of the future. The Sikh management committees decided to prepare a curriculum for school children and also initiated teaching scholars from every age, gender, and nationality in specially designed by Sri Guru Granth Sahib vidya kender (institution) for teaching the learnings of holy Guru Granth Sahib and the ways Sikh practice their religion.


Divinity & Modern World:


In today’s modern world, where people are detached from religious practices and are not able to live their lives with devotion to the true lord, it becomes necessary to introduce new ways of incorporating religion into our lives. This can help us improve our lifestyle and achieve a peaceful state of mind which in turn affects our lifestyle in a positive way which reflects from our changed perspective of living life.

Divinity in Sikhism has a crucial role in spreading the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a simplistic sagacious way. Divinity makes us view the true nature of religion in an intuitive manner. Sikhism allows us to be our best selves and achieve salvation.


Some Teachings of Sikhism are as follows: 


  • There is one supreme lord, the mightiest, and the whole universe works in his will.
  • The Human form is only achieved after a great cycle of births and deaths. The goal of human life is to achieve salvation by living a life of honesty and purity.
  • Humans must remember God while living their lives each alongside maintaining a crucial balance between their spiritual and temporal duties.
  • Sikhism denounces supernatural beliefs and other rituals like Fasting, Worshiping dead, Idol worship, etc.
  • It preaches that every human, belonging from a different caste, religion, nationality, or gender is equal in front of the supreme lord.
  • The real path to gain salvation and merge with God does not need renunciation of the world but living a simple life while earning with honesty and hard work alongside keeping away from worldly sins.

There are other many such teachings which are needed to be learned for becoming better versions of ourselves. Divinity may help us find our way back to our true nature of humanity. The Divinity allows us to know that religion is not a restriction to our lives but a way to explore more about ourselves and god in depth.

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Sikhism & its Evangelization: 


It’s an important objective to lead a truthful and spiritual life while helping others do the same, which can only be achieved by spreading the teachings from Sri Guru Granth Sahib means of evangelization of Sikhism.

The Role of Divinity is to help our youth to understand the religion and lead an exemplary life with truthfulness and honesty. All of us need to learn new ways to live a spiritual life and incorporate divinity. It can help the adults and elderly people to view the religion broadly and understand the true meaning of Sikhism alongside helping the younger generation become a strong foundation for the coming future and Sikhism.

With a mission to provide holistic natural environment for unprivileged Sikhs, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Vidya Kender has two registered societies viz Sri Guru Granth Sahib Vidya Kender Society for Boys & Sikh Humanitarian Society for Girls.